"The Kreisau Circle - the legacy for contemporary Europe" - international multidisciplinary workshop about the Kreisau Circle - Krzyżowa, 20-21 April 2017 PDF Print E-mail

In April 20 -21 in European Academy in Krzyzowa will take place an international multidisciplinary workshop about Kreisau Circle. This is the first of the activities commemorating the Kreisau Circle that Krzyzowa Foundation planned on the 75th anniversary of the first meeting at the House on the Hill.

The project involves 20 experts from four countries (Poland, Germany, France and the United States), representing various disciplines and methodological approach (historians, political scientists, sociologists, educators and journalists). The project coordinators emphasize that during the selection of the participants they were aware of the fact that they should also represent different perspectives. The decision to take such approach shows that the legacy of the Kreisau Circle is still valid.


About the project

The Kreisau Circle occupies a prominent place in the narrative of German resistance during World War II. The research materials that have been developed so far are mostly the work of historians, focusing on the description of the group's activities, individual members and on the presentation of its program. The matter of the legacy of the Kreisau Circle for contemporary Europe, it’s topicality, it’s potential for building an understanding between nations and various social groups hasn’t been a subject of research or educational activity.

The main goal of the project is to define and deepen the analysis of those areas of the Kreisau Circle programme and activities which are topical and can help shape a value-based European agreement, promote civic responsibility, civil courage, civil society and culture. of dialogue, cooperation over divisions and solidarity between people and nations.

Organisation: European Academy in Krzyzowa Foundation

Co-financing: Konrad Adenauer Foundation