Sunny meeting in Krzyżowa! School exchange Lubsko-Forst, 24-28.04.2017 PDF Print E-mail

Once again in spring Krzyzowa will be held Polish-German school exchange Lubsko-Forst. Those are partner cities and one is only 30 km away from another. What is interesting – both Polish and German students learn the language of the neighbour in school.

In Krzyżowa young people will have the opportunity to get to know better each other and their countries.

Students between the ages of 13 and 14 will take part in integration and language workshops, guided tours and tours around Krzyzowa.

Coordination of the project: Bartek Gasiulewicz - project manager IYMC Krzyżowa, Janosch Hildebrand– volunteer IYMC Krzyżowa

Niepubliczne Gimnazjum dla Młodzieży w Lubsku
Friedrich -Ludwig-Jahn Gymnasium Forst
Krzyżowa Foundation

Co-financing: German-Polish Youth Office